Jessie-Blue Ewing

02/06/2017  •  Posted By laura  •  0 Comment(s)

A few years back, Jessie filmed a short film titled MIRA Protocol in which she plays the lead role, Maria. Directed, written, and produced by Antonio Chavez Trejo, the film is a political piece about freedom. This weekend, Jessie will attend the first screening of the film. Below I have attached the first trailer. Go Jessie-Blue!

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A few weeks ago, Jessie-Blue shot with the amazing Wendy Horton Photography out in the California canyons. I have added a few photos from the shoot to the gallery!

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    Welcome to, the official website for model and actress Jessie-Blue Ewing. If you’re new to Jessie’s world, be sure to read her biography and resume. You can take a look at hundreds of images over in the gallery or watch video of some of Jessie’s work over in the video archive. Thanks for visting and make sure to check back!